Meyer, Nicholas J., DDS

Dr. Nicholas Meyer is a general dentist with a special emphasis on the care of treatment of the chronic pain and infirmed patient. He practices in Scottsdale, Arizona. Employing such modalities as, Cavitat ultrasound imaging, conebeam radiology, ozone, low level laser therapy and high energy lasers, he has established himself as an accomplished practitioner that attracts a national patient base.

Dr Meyer has lectured the senior students at the Catholica Universidad in Montevideo Uruguay, The International College of Craniomandiblar Orthopedics in Bad Homburg, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, The New Zealand Prosthodontic Society, and numerous others. He has written a book: The Holistic Dental Matrix; How Teeth Can Control Your Health and Well-Being. Available through the website:

Dr. Meyer is currently working with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker on the microbial relationship of infected jawbone lesions and MARCoNS. Preliminary data will be presented at the conference. He is past-president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. He is an intrepid adventurer and has traveled most of the world.