Pre-Conference Professional Classes

Pre-Conference Classes

This pre-conference opportunity is offered to participants with support of Occidental Institute Research Foundation.  Registration for this Pre-conference class also permits one to attend the evening workshops for dental or medical on Friday and Saturday.

This is a 6-hour class for medical professionals: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  To register email the Conference Director:

The day includes a catered lunch at noon and two breaks (morning, afternoon).

Other licensed health professionals, not involved with The Biological & Integrative Medicine Conference may attend. Licensed healthcare professionals, in this category should contact the Conference Director. The fee for the class is $150.

For questions and other information contact the Conference Director:

MORA Therapeutic Possibilities

Getting the BEST out of your MORA Technology

This one-day class is lead by Marguerite Lane, ND. Marguerite is a practitioner using MORA Bioresonance Therapy in Sydney, Australia. She has translated two MORA Bioresonance Therapy text books from German into English.

Intended audience: For beginners and advanced MORA users

You have the MORA, but how do you get the BEST out of it? This 1-day lecture course guides you gently, starting with how to think about the way the MORA works, how to think about your patient’s health problems, and how to match the two for optimum treatments.

For the beginners, or those who need a refresher, Marguerite clarifies the basic concepts of classical bio-resonance, and how to immediately provide effective treatments even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

As the day progresses, you receive expert guidance on how to tackle the most common underlying problems in health, including candidiasis, influenza, hay fever, food intolerances, “tummy bugs”, Lyme disease, dental support, and hormonal issues. You will also learn how to verify that the treatment you’ve given has already been effective.

Cases are presented to provide additional concrete information and summarise the day’s information.