Cass, Robert, ND

Dr Robert Cass has been a highly successful clinician, formulator, researcher and educator for over 40 years in the field of applicable BioEnergetic Medicine. His specific emphasis in the advancement of electro dermal screening (EAV/EDS) and unique remedy formulations with Physica Energetics has earned international respect and acclaim over these many years. Dr. Cass’ protocols and programs are successfully applied in thousands of clinics worldwide.

As the founder and director of the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences, Dr. Cass and faculty promotes a broad perspective that embraces yet moves beyond the traditional western and eastern views of medicine to encompass the dynamic ranges of physics and energetic influences. Advances in this rapidly emerging field require the synchronized integration of body, mind and heart without losing the rich context of the legacy of early pioneers of natural medicine. His approach includes the latest advances of microbiology and chemistry – the Art and Science of healing.